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05 Mar 2021 06:51 PM
Quote Expiry Date:
08 Mar 2021 06:51 PM
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1 Pallet, total weight 120kg
Transport Provider:
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Available Pickup Dates:
between 06 Mar 2021 08 Mar 2021
Available Dropoff Dates:
between 06 Mar 2021 08 Mar 2021
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Hi Christine, 1x experienced guy with large tray Ute happy to help - I'm available any time from 10:30am any day that suits us both Delivery - drop off will be same day as pick up, unless otherwise agreed I'll use tie downs and protective sheets to ensure safe transport Offer assumes You have someone available to help me load and unload at both properties with a forklift *Please advise if there are any obstacles that would make it hard to move any items like narrow driveways or steep inclines, etc. Price includes 1x driver and labour (myself), fuel and AirTasker fee of 22% Thanks hope to be of assistance getting this task done for you
Questions about this quote:

Tr***st 05 Mar 2021 8:04 pm
Hi Christine, I may add offer takes into account delivery of only 1 pallet as specified in your job description
Job includes GST and Freight Seek fee of 7% - please disregard other platform fees I've mentioned that are not relevant to Freight Seek. thank you