Quote Amount
Quote Date:
19 Jun 2019 12:23 PM
Quote Expiry Date:
19 Jul 2019 12:23 PM
Quote Status
Shipment Title
1 Pallet, total weight 150kg
Transport Provider:
Vehicle Type:
Available Pickup Dates:
between 19 Jun 2019 05 Jul 2019
Available Dropoff Dates:
between 28 Jun 2019 05 Jul 2019
Other Quote Information:
No additional information
Questions about this quote:

Fred 19 Jun 2019 1:35 pm
Gday, there will be the need for a lifting device of some sort at the pick up point as it is a residential address, there will be a fork lift at drop of point, also an estimated pick up date would be much appreciated so I can let the other party no as I am the receiver of the goods, thanks you
sc***12 19 Jun 2019 1:41 pm
Extra $60 for tailgate truck. Pickup during business hours weekdays
Fred 20 Jun 2019 9:47 am
Hello, I would like to accept this quote with tailgate service if I can please, do you need to resend the quote with tailgate service included and I accept that, thank you