Freight: Core Trays - Mount Waverley, VIC to Geebung, QLD

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Date Posted: 17-10-2011 01:00pm
Expires: 19-10-2011 01:00pm
Customer: Caroline
Freight Description:
Core Trays
Pickup Location:
Mount Waverley, VIC 3149
Residential / Non Commercial
Drop-off Location:
Geebung, QLD 4034
Business with dock or forklift
Pickup Date Range:
18/10/2011 21/10/2011
Freight Category:
Mining & Resources
Date Posted:
Approximate size of core trays are 80mm x 390mm 1075mm and weighing approximately 40kg each. Tues 18th, weds 19th or Friday 21st October
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01***07 - Hi, Could you please advise how many there are?
Response: Caroline -there are two trays. 17 Oct 2011

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