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More about shipping your Livestock with FreightSeek

When shipping freight it can be exhausting and frustrating trying to chase around transport companies for quotes. allows the customer to get free quotes online and select a transporter based on reviews and a price that suits their budget.

Any type of freight can be listed on FreightSeek, ranging from palletised freight, freight containers, furniture removals, household goods, cars, boats, horses, livestock and even pets. Transporters bid against each other in the FreightSeek public marketplace driving down prices and can offer customers fabulous bargains as FreightSeek allows them to fill their trucks, thus utilising empty capacity that would otherwise go unfilled.

Customers don't need to worry about annoying phone calls as everything is done online. FreightSeek offers shipping customers and transport providers great online tools to manage the whole process with ease!

Whether you're a business with lots of regular freight to move, or an individual with one item, FreightSeek can save you a buck!
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Why should I use FreightSeek to find a livestock?

Save Money - Livestock transporters compete against each other in a public marketplace driving down prices. FreightSeek also allows them to fill their trucks for return journeys, thus allowing them to offer discounted rates.
No Obligations - If you're not happy with any of the quotes, no problems! You're under no obligation to accept any of them.
No Annoying Phone Calls - All quotes are online and your contact details are not shared until you accept a quote.