Freight: 1 Pallet, total weight 280kg - Cheltenham, VIC to Yaroomba, QLD

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Date Posted: 12-02-2019 04:52pm
Expires: 19-02-2019 04:52pm
Customer: Mick
Freight Description:
1 Pallet, total weight 280kg
Pickup Location:
Cheltenham, VIC 3192
Residential / Non Commercial
Drop-off Location:
Yaroomba, QLD 4573
Residential / Non Commercial
Pickup Date Range:
13/02/2019 19/02/2019
Freight Category:
Palletised or Packaged Freight
- Partial Truckload (LTL)
Date Posted:
Stainless fermenter in side scope industrial refrigerator
Description: Scope refrigerator
Packaging: Pallets - Non Standard
Qty: 1
Height: 2mtsm
Width: 78mmm
Length: 80mmm
Weight: 280kg
User is unsure of exact weight and/or dimensions. Please ask appropriate questions of user before placing quotes on this freight.
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Ab***rt - Hi Mick, can the fermenter be removed from the fridge? Thanks George
Response: Mick -Yes the vessel can be removed I am pretty sure but would need to have all its valves ect protected from any damages. Thanks Mick 14 Feb 2019

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