Freight: printer (similar to photocopier) - Ultimo, NSW to Coburg, VIC

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Date Posted: 17-06-2019 12:50pm
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Customer: Ashley
Freight Description:
printer (similar to photocopier)
Pickup Location:
Ultimo, NSW 2007
Business with dock or forklift
Drop-off Location:
Coburg, VIC 3058
Residential / Non Commercial
Pickup Date Range:
18/06/2019 21/06/2019
Freight Category:
Other Freight
Date Posted:
Printer is approx 100x100x70cm and 190kg. It also comes with two ink cases that are 30x30x60cm and 10kg each. The printer is located at UTS and will need to move down 5 steps and then there is a lift available to a loading dock. The end location is a residential address on ground level.
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GP***TG - Is there any one there to help load it

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