Frequently Asked Questions for Transport Providers

How does it work?
FreightSeek is an online freight matching service. You find freight that matches your transport capabilities and provide online quotes for your services. Customers select their favorite quote and book your services online.

How much does it cost?
Freight Seek is FREE to join and FREE to use. You will only pay a small Matching Fee of approximately 7% of the quoted price when you've actually won a job. So all you need to do is make sure you include an additional 7% in your quote to the customer to account for the matching fee and FreightSeek is essentially a free service.

How do I pay the matching fee?
In order for a customer to book your services, FreightSeek requires them to pay an online deposit, thus making sure the customer is genuine. We simply take our Matching Fee out of the deposit, so you never have to worry about receiving a bill from FreightSeek.

After a customer has booked my services... what next?
When a customer has accepted your quote and booked you online, you will be sent an email containing the customers contact details. You will then be required to contact the customer within 2 working days to arrange pickup, delivery and payment.

Can I ask the customer questions before I provide a quote?
Yes definitely. You have the ability to ask as many online questions of the customer as you wish. You can also view questions and answers that other transport providers have asked.

Can a customer ask me questions in regards to a provided quote?
Yes. After you have provided a quote, the customer may ask you online questions before accepting the quote. you will notified by email when a question has been asked.

Does the customer have to choose the lowest quote?
No, the customer can choose any of the quotes provided to them. The customer may choose a quote based on price, transport provider reviews and ratings, or even availability of transport provider.

Will the public be able to see my quotes?
Your quotes will be displayed, but we will hide your username and company details to everyone except the customer who you are providing the quote for.