FreightSeek For Transport Providers

We Bring The Customers TO YOU!

FreightSeek is an online freight matching service. You find freight that matches your transport capabilities and provide online quotes for your services. Customers can then compare the quotes they've received and book a transporter for the job. Customers may select a transporter for the job based on any number of reasons - availability, price, reviews etc.

FreightSeek is free to join and free to use. You only pay a small matching fee of your quoted price for jobs you've actually won. We take the matching fee out of the deposit the customer pays when accepting your quote, so you'll never receive a bill from FreightSeek.

Maximise your loads and increase your profits!

Find Freight To Move

Finding freight that matches your business is a breeze with our search features. Search by freight origin and destination, freight type and lots more.

Receive Freight Email Alerts

Never miss an opportunity. Receive email alerts for all freight listings that match your desired routes and freight transport capabilities.

Manage Quotes & Bookings

Place quotes online in less than a minute and keep track of all your quotes and customer bookings with ease.

Showcase Your Business

Put yourself in front of customers with your public profile. Customers can find out about your business and request a quote directly.

Build Your Online Reputation

By completing jobs and gaining customer reviews you will build an online reputation that will put you ahead of the pack.

Message Center

Never lose an important message with the FreightSeek Message Center. All communication is kept for you online.