About Us

FreightSeek was established after discovering to get a quote on moving goods requires a lot of time, patience and repeating yourself!

Tired of the round-about, we decided to create our site with the goal to provide customers with a free, easy to use service that allows them to easily obtain freight shipping quotes with minimal effort from the comfort of their own home or office and have the transport companies come to them.

An easy to use, and free service, was priority in the creation of FreightSeek. Customers are given the opportunity to upload photos, dimensions and specific details about their freight as to erase any possible confusion between customers and transporters. We've also put in place the ability for the transport providers to ask the customer any online queries they might have about the freight before providing a quote.

As for the transporters they don’t have to worry about marketing, advertising and can easily see and understand the goods to be moved. They are getting their business out there, with minimal effort. FreightSeek.com.au, brings the customer to them! Easy to quote on freight and therefore easy to secure jobs.

Once a quote has been accepted the communication continues between the customer and transporter.

FreightSeek is under the McNaughtans umbrella, along with Tie-Rite, Struts Australia and in association with Maxi-Loader.

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